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KTH (Kunglika Tekniska Högskolan) or Royal Institute of Technology in english is, as the name implies, a technical university located in Stockholm, Sweden.

My Affiliation

I was a guest reseacherer at the CVAP (Computer Vision and Active Perception Lab), run by prof. Danica Kragic, in 2011 during 6 months, collaborating in the TOMSY project. I mostly collaborated with Dr. Carl-Henrik Ek and Prof. Mårten Björkman and I owe a big thanks to both of them for having reviewed some of my stuff. Also, Dr. Ek formed part of the PhD comittee when I defended my PhD-thesis.

Main Research Topics

"Welcome to the CVAP, the Computer Vision and Active Perception Lab at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. Our research focuses on the topics of computer vision and robotics."


Prof. (head of department) Danica Kragic

Prof. (emeritius) Jan-Olof Eklundh

Prof. Steffan Carlsson

Associate prof. Mårten Björkman

Associate prof. Hedvig Kjellström

Assistant prof. Josphine Sullivan

Dr. Carl-Henrik Ek

Jarno Ralli
Author: Jarno Ralli
Jarno Ralli is a computer vision scientist and a programmer.

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