Here is a list of some of the people, both from the industry and the academy, with whom I have worked together or collaborated.


 Prof. Sinan Kalkan

Sinan Kalkan

KOVAN Research Lab
Dept. of Computer Engineering
Middle East Technical University
Inonu Bulvari, 06531Ankara (TURKEY)

Sinan Kalkan's homepage

We met with Sinan while working in the DRIVSCO project. We wrote a scientific acticle with Sinan and Norbert related to fusin disparity maps.


 Prof. Norbert Krüger

Norbert Kruger

Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Instituttet
Syddansk Universitet
Campusvej 55
DK-5230   Odense M (DENMARK)

Norbert Krüger's homepage

Cognitive Vision Lab

We met with Norbert while working in the DRIVSCO project, and together we wrote a scientific paper related to fusing disparity maps.


 Prof. Silvio Sabatini

Silvio Sabatini

PSPC-lab, University of Genoa
Via Opera Pia 11a, 16145 Genova, Italy
Phone: +39-010-3532092 --- Fax: +39-010-3532289
e-mail: silvio_dot_sabatini_at_unige_dot_it

Silvio Sabatini's homepage


We met with Silvio in the DRIVSCO project and have been collaborating on some issues since.


 Dr. Mauricio Vanegas

Mauricio Vanegas









Mauricio Vanegas, Ph. D.
PSPC-lab, postdoctoral fellow
Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics,
and Systems Engineering (DIBRIS)
University of Genoa
Via Opera Pia 11A, I-16145 Genova (Italy)

We worked together with Mauricio at the University of Granada. Mauricio is an expert in embedded systems (FPGAs, embedded processors)


Jarno Ralli
Author: Jarno Ralli
Jarno Ralli is a computer vision scientist and a programmer.

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