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Back to the roots! Before obtaining PhD degree in the area of machine vision I designed automation systems. This year I "returned back to the roots" (for a shortwhile only) and designed a complete automation system controlling a MVR (mechanical vapour recompression) evaporator used for concentrating whey permeate. The PLC used controlling the evaporator is a Siemens S7 CPU 315-2 PN/DP with more than 200 inputs/outputs. OIU used for controlling the system is a WinCC v7.3.


I just noticed that there is a bug in the code that manifests itself in "later" versions of Matlab. The bug is related to the Matlab function called IMFILTER. What happens is that when calculating the diffusion weights if the first parameter is in single float format (and not double) then the results are unstable. By unstable I mean that the actual numbers change when you apply the function on the same data. I suspect that it is related to the way how memory is reserved in the MEX-code.

Segmented disparity map

Here it is finally, the segmentation code that I had promised quite long time ago! The Matlab code segments stereo disparity maps using a model based on implicit dynamic surfaces (also known as level sets). The code itself is a combination of Matlab and MEX (Matlab EXecutable), programmed in C, in order to improve the efficiency. The segmentation algorithm, and the related mathematics, are explained in my phd thesis. Therefore, in order to have a better understanding how it works I encourage you to have a look there as well.

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Time is ripe to change the look and feel of my web-site so that it will be more accessible and easier to navigate! I have changed the URL-structure of the site, so some of the old links might not work properly temporily, although most of the old links have been permanently redirected with HTTP status code 301. Please bear with me, I will try to get the changes implemented as soon as possible!

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