Why does not the year in the "Published" list below match the one on the bibref? The on-line and paper versions come out at different times, and in the list below I will add the publications as soon as they have been published in 'any' format accessible for the scientific community. This, naturally, causes problems from citations point of view, if the name and the year of the article do not match...perhaps this issue should be discussed with the journals?




J.Ralli, J. Díaz, P. Guzmán and E. Ros, "Experimental Study of Image Representation Spaces in Variational Disparity Calculation", EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2012, DOI:10.1186/1687-6180-2012-254, link to article, download pdf

M. Cerda, J. Jara, A. Córdova, J. Toledo, E. Pulgar, C-G Lemus, O. Ramírez, J. Ralli, M. Concha, and Steffen Härtel, "Optical Flow for Motion Estimation and Tracking of Subcellular, Cellular and Supracellular Dynamics", Chilean Society for Cell Biology XXVI Annual Meeting, SBCCH 2012, download pdf

N.R. Luque, J.A. Garrido, J. Ralli, J.J Laredo, and E. Ros, "From Sensors to Spikes: Evolving Receptive Fields to Enhance Sensori-Motor Information in a Robot-Arm", International Journal of Neural Systems, 2012, DOI:10.1142/S012906571250013X, link to article

F. Naveros, T. Díaz, J. Ralli, E. Ros, and J. Díaz, "Flujo Òptico Variacional en Plataformas Paralelas GPU" (Variational Optical Flow in GPU Based Parallel Platforms), MAEB 2012, download pdf



P. Guzmán, J. Díaz, J. Ralli, R. Agís, and E. Ros, "Low-cost Sensor to Detect Overtaking Based on Optical-flow", Machine Vision and Applications, 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s00138-011-0392-2, bibtex, link to article

J.Ralli's doctoral thesis, "Fusion and Regularisation of Image Information in Variational Correspondence Methods", 2011.

J.Ralli, J. Díaz, and E. Ros, "Spatial and temporal constraints in variational correspondence methods", Machine Vision and Applications, 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s00138-011-0360-x, bibtex, link to article, download pdf, link to html


J. Ralli, J. Díaz, E. Ros, S. Kalkan, and N. Krüger, "Disparity Disambiguation by Fusion of Signal- and Symbolic-level Information", Machine Vision and Applications, 2010, url = http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00138-010-0266-z, bibtex, link to article, download pdf, link to html



J. Ralli, J. Díaz, and E. Ros, "A Method for Sparse Disparity Densification Using Voting Mask Propagation", Journal of VIsual Communication and Image Representation, 2010, Issue 1, Volume 21, pages 67--74, bibtex, link to article, download pdf, link to html



J. Ralli, F. Pelayo, and J. Díaz, "Increasing Efficiency in Disparity Calculation", BVAI LNCS 2007


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Jarno Ralli is a computer vision scientist and a programmer.

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