Stereo Disparity

3D reconstruction can be done based on depth information obtained from a pair of cameras. Stereo disparity map basically tells us the distance between each point in image and the camera.


Optical Flow

Optical Flow gives us information related to how the pixels move between images taken at two different points in time. Color coding can be used to display the movement direction.



Pixels of the image can be segmented into meaningful groups. Segmented images can be used for object detection, grasping etc.


Tutorials and Code

Getting started initially can be difficult. Check out my tutorials and code examples in order to get a jump start!


Why does not the year in the "Published" list below match the one on the bibref? The on-line and paper versions come out at different times, and in the list below I will add the publications as soon as they have been published in 'any' format accessible for the scientific community. This, naturally, causes problems from citations point of view, if the name and the year of the article do not match...perhaps this issue should be discussed with the journals?



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In Publication Process


J. Ralli, J. Díaz, E. Ros, J. Ilonen and V. Kyrki, "External Constraints in Variational Disparity Calculation: Hypothesis-Forming-Validation-Loops and Segmentation", submitted for publication

J. Ralli, J. Díaz, P. Guzmán and E. Ros, "Complementary Image Representation Spaces in Variational Disparity Calculation", submitted for publication

Jarno Ralli
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